バージョン 3.6.9 の新機能

Thank you for staying up to date with the latest bug fixes in MarsEdit. As always, if you enjoy MarsEdit please consider telling a friend and leaving a review here in the store.

This release adds support for Apple’s new Photos app, so you’ll be able to browse photos again that were previously in iPhoto or Aperture but were migrated to the new app.

Additionally it includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fix “Apply Preview Filter Before Publishing” for Tumblr and Movable Type blogs
  • Fix a rare crash that could occur when a document window’s content changes while closing
  • Fix a problem with dragging images from Flickr or Catalog panes of Media Manager to HTML Text edit area
  • Fix an issue pasting HTML e.g. from a copied link in Safari
  • Fix a bug that prevented find/replace from working when replacement string contained a single quote (‘)

Thanks again for using MarsEdit!

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