WiFi Explorerがv2.0にアップデート

周囲にあるWi-Fiネットワークを表示できるWiFi Explorerがv2.0にアップデートされ、多数の機能追加やバグ修正がされています。



バージョン 2.0 の新機能

  • Fixes incorrect max. data rates under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes incorrect state of Stop button when not scanning.
  • Addresses issue caused by certain access points that advertise a secondary channel even though they are set to operate at 20 MHz channel width only.
  • Addresses an issue where intermittent 0 dBm RSSI values might be reported by OS X for certain networks.
  • Better looks in OS X Yosemite.
  • Networks can be quickly filtered by ESSID, PHY mode, radio, vendor or signal strength levels.
  • Networks can be grouped by physical radio in Signal Strength and Channels graph.
  • Beacon interval and basic rates can now be added as columns.
  • DFS channels can be hidden in Channels graph if not being used by any networks.
  • Made sure CSV file generated from export option includes all fields.
  • Vendors database can now be updated from within the app.
  • Other minor bug fixes plus stability and performance improvements.

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