Mac版 Tweetbotがv2.3.3(v2.3.2)にアップデート!☆(Favorites)が♡(Likes)に変更

Mac版 Tweetbotがv2.3.3(v2.3.2)にアップデートされ、☆(Favorites)が♡(Likes)に変更されました。 

v2.3.2にはOS X Yosemiteで起動しない問題がありましたが、v2.3.3で修正されました。



バージョン 2.3.3 の新機能

Stars are now Hearts, Favorites are now Likes. They still behave exactly like they always have, just think of it as quick coat of paint to better match Twitter’s display guidelines.

  • Better handling of view sizes when using a single column in full screen
  • If iCloud Drive isn’t enabled, you’ll see a warning asking you to enable it.
  • If the window is fullscreen and the screen resolution changes, the window will now resize properly
  • Copying and pasting an image file from the Finder into a compose window now pastes the image properly
  • Better handling of window sizing when dragging multiple images into a new tweet window
  • Fixed the issue where using shift-space/page down could scroll past partially visible tweets
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on a quoted tweet would open the status detail for the quoted tweet and the original tweet
  • When posting tweets with large images, you should see less ‘Media parameter is invalid’ errors
  • Other minor stability improvements

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