Tweetbot 4 for Twitterがv4.9にアップデート!TwitterのAPI廃止に合わせた機能停止など


Tweetbot 4 for Twitterがv4.9にアップデートされ、TwitterのAPI廃止に合わせた機能停止がされています。


  • タイムラインストリーミング
  • いいね、リツイート、フォローの通知
  • ActivityタブとStatsタブの削除
  • Watchアプリの削除




バージョン 4.9 の新機能

On August 16th Twitter will disable parts of their public interface that we use in Tweetbot.
Because Twitter has chosen not to provide alternatives to these interfaces we have been forced to disable or degrade certain features.
We’re sorry about this, but unfortunately this is totally out of our control.

  • Timeline streaming on WiFi is now disabled.
    Your timelines will now refresh automatically every 1-2 minutes instead.
  • Push notifications for Mentions and Direct Messages will now be delayed by a few minutes.
  • Push notifications for Likes, Retweets, Follows and Quotes have been disabled.
    We’ll be investigating bring some of these back in the future.
  • Activity and Stats tabs have been removed.
  • Watch app, which depended heavily on Activity data, has been removed.


Tweetbot 4 for Twitter
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