Activatorがv1.9.11にアップデート!iOS 10に対応


Activatorがv1.9.11にアップデートされ、iOS 10に対応しました。




  • Support iOS 10
  • Show icons for assigned listeners in the event selection list on larger devices
  • Save expansion status of listener groups
  • Add Bedtime action on iOS 10
  • Add double press and hold Touch ID event
  • Properly respring when importing preferences on iOS 9.2+
  • Show the Apple logo when respringing
  • Suppress Touch ID events while showing an auth alert in Touch ID-enabled apps
  • Add long hold Touch ID event
  • Adjust short hold Touch ID event behaviour
  • Adjust timing of single press Touch ID event
  • Ignore Touch ID events for the first quarter second after unlocking
  • Automatically fix corrupt permissions on /Library/Activator
  • Allow dispatching home button action while touches are active on iOS 9+
  • Disable hooks in Cydia to prevent repo install conflicts
  • Add third-party and more default settings pane actions
  • Add support for car connection events (when a CarPlay-compatible automobile accessory is encountered)
  • Fix some search bar related bugs on iOS 9 (thanks /u/tateu)
  • Treat camera/calculator apps open at the lock screen as still being at the lock screen
  • Fix phone actions on iOS 7
  • Fix respring when settings are reset
  • Update localizations